Why does my vote matter essay

July 8, 2019
why does my vote matter essay

Not only is it my democratic obligation, but it is my right to.

Hearingspeech impaired students should email the voice of democracy national office at youthscholarshipsvfw.

  my vote doesnt really matter so why bother? What does this mean exactly? Get out and vote. If college studentsemerging young professionals do not come out full force to vote (and voting is a pretty easy thing to do), other groups with opposing interests will likely gain more control over the compass of our democracy for years.

  does my vote really matter, though? An honest answer to whether it counts. So you turned out to vote and your preferred candidate didnt win.

  it is the right, privilege and duty to vote as a citizen of your country and a member of your community. People might think their vote does not matter, but votes can shape foreign, economic and social policies.

If a person is given the right to vote, then it should be taken advantage of. There are millions of people in the united states that are eligible to vote, yet several do not take this opportunity.

In order to win the presidency, a candidate must win 270 electors. The biggest reason why americans choose not to vote comes down to simply feeling powerless. However, the fact of the matter is this your vote matters a lot.

  if anyone ever tells you your vote doesnt matter, show them this. As the 2016 campaign heats up, one story thats being largely ignored is how voter turnout will affect policy. Although many people, particularly young americans, believe that their vote doesnt matter, new research suggests nothing could be further from the truth.