The pearl essay

July 8, 2019
the pearl essay

- the pearl is a parable, a story that has a moral, written by john steinbeck. The novel is based on a poor indian family who live in a small village outside of la paz, mexico along the gulf of mexico. The family consists of kino, a fisherman and pearl diver juana and their infant son coyotito.

Its length, its attention to a protagonists inner life, and its occasional moments of lyricism are hallmarks of that literary form. On the other hand, steinbecks style is often conversational and bland, as if he were speaking the story instead of writing it.

In the pearl, written by john steinbeck, take place in la paz, mexico, where a pleasant family composed of kino, his wife, juana, and their son, coyotito. One day, their son is bitten by a scorpion and juana and kino go see a local doctor, who refuses to treat coyotito.

The peal by john steinbeck, a narrative of a adult male, his married woman, their babe, and greed. Kino, the adult male, had no demand for money, he was happy with the small things he had.

Three other purchasers were brought in each one said it was of small value.

The pearl this essay will discuss the use of symbols in the novel the pearl by john steinbeck. These include the destructiveness of greed, how love can give someone great courage and strength, knowledge is power, but a power which can be abused, and how a dream.

The pearl essay summary in the pearl, steinbeck tries to say that human nature tendency toward greed, deception and evil, which can cause something good and beautiful to become something bad and evil in both physical and mental ways.

The pearl is a novel written by john steinbeck and examines a mans own destruction through greed. In this novel, hope and evil consume kino and the entire city of la paz immediately information goes around that kino found the pearl of the world.

  this story is about kino finding a pearl and the effects of this. Kino and juana are the main characters of the story and want to change their poor life.

Predominately with imagery concerning the pearl is the stark contrast in how kino saw the pearl in the beginning versus its representation in the end. First among discovering the pearl in chapter three, kino remarks on how, the music of the pearl had merged with the music of the family so that one beautified the other (steinbeck 24).