Dare essay examples

July 8, 2019
dare essay examples

Lauren wilson, a derby north middle school student, said she was shocked to be announced as the statewide winner of the d. Lauren wilson says she would have entered an essay contest for the statewide d.

Drug abuse is still a popular fad amongst teenagers even with prevention programs like dare. Obviously, we as a community are not effectively doing our jobs. With a revised version of dare, students, parents and teachers will be able to work together to prevent this fad from reoccurring.

An important thing that i learned was how dangerous alcohol can be to your body. Tobacco, like alcohol, has many side-effects, but it is also harmful to the people around the smoker.

To begin, you simply need to find solid and sound data on this topic. The word dare literally means drug abuse resistance education. Make a research on this theme and conduct a study using your own experience. You may write any number of pages or words for this assignment.

Although, dare is a program made for fifth graders, it involves serious topics such as drugs, overdose, peer pressure, drunk driving, and bullying.

Drug abuse resistance education (dare) is a program designed to discourage drug use and violence among school age children. Dares origins can be traced to los angeles in the early 1980s and a chief of police who helped create a drug education and prevention program he believed was effective.

Program has been very interesting, fun and important for me this year. It is so important to stop children before they start using drugs or using violence to solve their problems.

For example, if you run into some kids on your way home from school and they ask you if you want a smoke or a beer, you can say that you have somewhere else to be and walk away. If they continue to bother you or tease you, stand your ground and say, no, that stuff is bad for you.

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